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Update February 4, 2016

Bobby Campbell had neck surgery yesterday and all went well. He's in St Francis, room 5219, and expects to be home in the next few days.

Update February 16, 2016

The Class of CHS '65 extends their sympathy to Linda Rogers Carr who lost her husband, Charles, suddenly this last Saturday morning Feb 13. She said there is no way she can contact all of her friends from Central at this time but would like for some of her Central friends to know this.  She asked us to let her friends know.

Charles had a doctor's appt on Tues of last week.  He was feeling a little tired and they thought it was from antibiotics he had been on for awhile.  His doctor could see something was seriously wrong.  He called 911 and sent him to the hospital where he went straight to ICU. They soon discovered he was in the final stage of liver cancer.  Linda insisted he go home with Hospice care which was his wish.  He died Saturday morning 13th shortly after midnight.  Needless to say, this was a total shock for Linda and her family.  On Monday he was fine and Friday night he passed away.  He had not been ill at all.   The funeral is tomorrow, Wednesday 17th in Rowlett, TX where they lived.

For those who might like to send cards or condolences, here is Linda's email <ccarrtech66@yahoo.com>

Messages can also be left on the obituary site also.Charlrr http://www.resthavenfuneral.com/obituaries/Charles-Carr-10/#!/Obituary

We are not sure if Linda is on Facebook.

If you didn’t receive your 2015 Tom Tom contact

Marcia Young, marciayo@aol.com, 918-853-2067.

There are still a few extra if you want to order one.

Send your check for $24 to

(Tom Tom $20, Mailing $4)

Linda Lichty

1135 S. Newport 

Tulsa, OK 74120 

Update March 2, 2016

See online version (directory omitted).Tom_Toms.html

Update April 03, 2016

Find out what our classmates have be up to for 50 years!!!!
Responses from the Registration form are now online (Comments). 
If you want your information added or have corrections, please contact
Marcia Young
7911 E 26th Place
Tulsa, OK

Check them out and learn more about our classmates.
Since contact information was omitted, if you want to find someone please let Carol know and she will help get you in touch. 
(Contact information was included in the 2015 Tom Tom.)
Carol Meredith Barnes
    7459 N 147 E Ave, 
    Owasso OK 74055  Comments.htmlmailto:marciayo@aol.commailto:chichi65chs@yahoo.comComments_from_Registration_Forms.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2

Update April 03, 2016

Our classmates living in the March 30 tornado past are safe.

Re: Terror attack in Brussels

From Carol Meredith Barnes:

“Linda O'Dell Petty and I e-mailed Gust. Here is his reply.

Thank you for caring Linda and Carol,

We are all safe. Luckily, Sebastiaan my son who works at the airport had his day off!!!

It's awful and I find no words to describe the horror and the grief. We have to show no fear otherwise "they" win, and I would not allow that to happen. Let's show "them" what our values are!

Much love,


Update March 22, 2016

Update May 01, 2016

Update April 30, 2016

Donna Lewis Mason just informed us that Sandy Rowe Foster's husband passed away. Details are available at www.floralhaven.com and in Sunday's Tulsa World http://www.tulsaworld.com/…/george-rhett-foster/article_8ab2

Services are Tuesday, May 3 at 2:00 at the Floral Haven Funeral Home Chapel. Our sympathy goes to Sandy and her family.

Carol Meredith Barnes' husband, Jim, has been in St. John, 21st and Utica, for the last 10 days, in and out of ICU. (As of May 23, 36 days, Carol has been told to make final arrangements. )

From Carol's posts on Facebook:
"It's been 10 days now going from ICU to ICU and about 4 surgeries. It has been really, really tough on him. He's out of it most of the time. Don't know how much he is really aware of. It was quite serious. They repaired 3 large abdominal hernias and relocated his ostomy as the old one kept him in constant pain from exposed nerves. Poor guy was split stem to stern."

Special thanks to Charley for being a great help.

"I would appreciate more prayers and positive thoughts."

Thank you to Marilyn Thomas Howard and John Lamberton who assisted in interviewing CHS seniors nominated for the Great Spirit Award. This award is given by the Central Foundation to an outstanding male and female graduate and carries a $500 award.

Update May 23, 2016

Mark Newman has been in Little Rock undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant for his multiple myeloma.  He has finished the heavy dose chemotherapy and will have his stem cells re-implanted in the next day or two.  He feels very good and so far has no ill effects.  They both would appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Update May 20, 2016

Time for a Red Feather Meeting!!!!

Tentative plans: How does July 7 at 11

at the Chalkboard Restaurant work for you?

Watch for final details. around July 1.

Sorry guys, ladies only.

Wives of class members and former teachers are welcome.

Update May 23, 2016

The Tulsa Central Foundation was the recipient of a generous gift of $25,000 from the estate of Anne Carmack. Does anyone have information regarding the lady?

Justin Bieber donated $10,000 to the CHS Vocal Music Program.

Update May 23, 2016

Sadly, Carol Meredith Barnes’ husband, Jim CHS ’66 , passed away this afternoon after 36 days in ICU. Charley Finley has been with her. Details for the service will be available later.

Update May 23, 2016

Update May 24, 2016

“The memorial service for Jim is scheduled for Friday, May 27th at 3:00 PM, Floral Haven, Broken Arrow

Please pass along to others who may want to attend.

See you there,


Our “ladies only”

Red Feather Meeting

is being postponed until the fall.

Update June 28, 2016

Update July 19, 2016


Update September 7, 2016

Our sympathy to Patricia Simmons Allen

whose mother passed away September 1, 2016.

The service will be

Saturday September 11, 10:00,

Floral Haven Funeral Home

Update November 29, 2016

2016 Christmas Party

Our 2016 CHS '65 Christmas Party will be:


On Friday, December 9 from 6-9

At Hope Unitarian Church, 8432 S. Sheridan Road.      

Sheridan is blocked at 81st so enter from 91st.

Please bring a side dish and your choice of beverage,

soft drinks, beer or wine. 

Bottled water, coffee and tea will be provided.

If you want to participate in the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange, bring a $15-20 wrapped gift.

Donations will be accepted and put in a "Party" account.

Questions? Call or text Marcia at 918-853-2067

Ho Ho Ho

Sadly David East passed away after a lengthy illness.

Viewing-Thursday, 12/29, 8 am-8 pm at

Mobley-Groesbeck in Sand Springs  211 E Broadway St,

Sand Springs, OK 74063 · (918) 245-6644

Visitation-Thursday, 12/29, 6:00 pm-7:30 pm at

Mobley-Groesbeck in Sand Springs 211 E Broadway St,

Sand Springs, OK 74063 · (918) 245-6644

Service-Friday, 12/30, 1:00 pm at

Grace United Methodist Church 519 S 49th West Ave,

Tulsa, OK 74127 · (918) 587-4751

More information can be found on Chris Rask's Facebook page.


Update December 26, 2016

Update December 29, 2016

Sadly, we have lost another Central Brave this week.

Fred Orth's service information is as follows:

Memorial Service
Thursday, December 29, 2016
2:00 PM
Church of the Resurrection
4804 S. Fulton Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135


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The memorial service for Jim is scheduled for Friday, May 27th at 3:00 PM.

Please pass along to others who may want to attend.

See you there,