Tulsa Central ’65

Classmates Attending

“Just call out my name

and you know wherever I am,

I’ll come running...”

Mail your checks to

Linda Lichty

1135 S. Newport 

Tulsa, OK 74120 

Checks should be made out to

Tulsa Central ’65 Reunion

Registration Forms were mailed May 1, 2015.

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Jim Arnold (Golf)

Sheila Avilla Hayes Wickett

Jimmy Ayers

Kenny Ayers

Vic Bailey (and wife) (Golf) wants to see:

everyone in our class.

Bob Banfield (and wife) wants to see:

all former teachers and friends.

Roger Banzhof (and wife) (Golf)

Karma Bebee Martin

Linda Bohm Potts

Roger Bolding wants to see:

Linda Rogers, Jimmy Hancock Clayton Hargis, Peggy Pape, Nancy Perry,

Tom Reed, Linda Taylor, Tina Lewis

Beverlie Boyd Bryant wants to see:

Pershing and Roosevelt buddies

John Brandon wants to see:

as many as possible

Stephen Bright (and wife) (Golf)

Lin Brister wants to see:

Gene Conwell, Tom Hammond, Anke Borsdorf.

Mary Brooks Thomas

Barry Bryant

Harold Buercklin

Brad Buffrum

Hollis Burke

Mary Jo Burns Bryden (and husband)

Cheryl Burris Houser (and husband) wants to see:

Ernie Couch, Cheryl Thomas, Paula and Carla Bruner.

Bobby Campbell (and wife) (Golf)wants to see:

Ken Garland, Robert Baker, David Singer, Larry Grimes, Taco Watson, Jimmy Hinkel, Jimmy Litteral.

Jim Campbell (and wife) (Golf) wants to see:

Rachel Paru, Clarice Clarke

Jodie Campbell Dunn

Jim Carrick (and wife Edwina Holman Carrick CHS ’65)

Karen Clarke Meason (Golf)

James (Randy) Clement

Larry Coffey (and wife)

Mary Carol Cohenour Millet

Marilyn Kay Cole Elliott (and husband) wants to see:

Jo Ann Durham, Irene Pierce Veluman, Kathleen Simmons Luppy

Ernie Couch

Vicki Crain Dobbs (and husband)

Pat Coulter (and wife)

Mike Damron

Doug Downing

Cheryl Drummond Hughes (and husband)

Eddie Engleking (and wife) (Golf-2)

Sandy Fitzgerald (and wife)

Betsy Foresman

Kathy Fortney Harper (and husband)

Marilyn Freeman Grotzke (and husband)

Charles (Chuck) Fry (and wife)

Robert Galloway (Golf)

Cathy Gifford Cantu

Ginger Gilbert Young wants to see:

Pat Simmons, Peggy Pape, Bev Boyd, and a bunch of others too numerous

to list.

Paige Graening (and husband)

Bruce Grant

Hugh Guinn

James Hancock

Judy Harbison Anderson (and husband)

Clayton Hargis (and wife)  (Golf)

Edward Harkins (and wife)

Phil Harmon (Golf) wants to see:

Bert Scott

Wanda Harvey Jones (and husband, Patrick Jones,  CHS ’65)

Jerry Hill (and wife)

Edwina Holman Carrick (and husband, Jim Carrick, CHS ’65)

Fred Holtz (and wife)

Bob Howard (and wife, Marilyn Thomas Howard, CHS ’65)

John Hudson (and wife) wants to see:

Ronnie Grattopp, Lynn Loucks, Linda Carter, Cathy Ellison, Barbara Elrod

Kent Jones (and wife)

Patrick Jones (and wife Wanda Harvey Jones, CHS ’65)

Walter Kruse (and wife)

Lynn Loucks Kincaid (and husband)

Billie Lankford Shepard (and husband, Bob Shepard, CHS ’65)

Laurie Lesch Sundborg

Donna Lewis Mason (and husband) wants to see:

Donna Burgess, Bobbie Chaney, Sandra Rowe, Pat Simmons, Kathleen Simmons

Tina Lewis Elder wants to see:

Roger Bolding

Linda Lichty

Rhonda Long Peynado (and husband)

Jean Love Prince (and husband) wants to see:

All the kids I grew up with, especially those who went to Wilson and Kendall.

Leah Love Esau

Sandy Lownsbery Mortimer

Perry Macdonald wants to see:

The Amazing Reunion committee, Tom Tom Staff, Paige, Vic, Billie and Bob, Barry and Bev, tom Reed, Rachel Paru, Susan Taylor

Edward Main (and wife)

Linda Martin Fletcher

William Martin wants to see:

Walter Stuerman

Larry Meason (Golf)

Carol Meredith Barnes (and husband)

Rick Moderow (and wife)

Nedra Moore Cheney (and husband)

Terry Moorhead (and wife)

Kathleen Morrissey Duncan wants to see:

Sue Alberty, Mozetta Burkes, Rudy Wilson

Cherie Mosier Garrett

Connie Murray Ichord (and husband) wants to see:

Joe Smith, Tom Reed

Mark Newman (and wife Cheryl Walker Newman, CHS’65) wants to see:

Jack Herrold, Paul Bobbitt, Lynn Loucks, Judy Harbison

Judy Noble Strout

Mary “Mally” Nott Blecha (and husband)

Jim Park (and wife)

Anita Peck Zuniga

Linda O’Dell Petty

Donna PanKratz McMullan (and husband)

Peggy (Elizabeth) Pape Lucchesi (and husband) wants to see:

the School Life Staff and really everyone who can make it.

Jim Park

Roberta Parker Montgomery

Sandy Peace Sanders (and husband)

David Pederson (and wife)

Sandy Perino Rodgers (and husband, Gene Rogers, CHS ’65)

Martin Perryman (and wife)

Martha Phillips

Irene Pierce Veluman (and husband)

Peter Pritchett (and wife) wants to see:

Greg Gardner, Bruce Stewart, Donny Ward, Sandy Greenwell,  Margot Hodge

Sandy Pyles Glecker

Chris Rask (and wife)

Vinson Reed

Cathy Riley Slover (and husband)

Wes Reniger (and wife)

Gene Rogers (and wife, Sandy Perino Rogers, CHS ’65)

Linda Rogers Carr wants to see:

Billie Lankford Shephard, John Weiczorek

Mary Russell Harjo

Jan Sanders Coleman (and husband) wants to see:

Linda Bingham, Cathy Franklin, Peggy Gille, Linda Leach, Nedra Moore,

Mike Richardson, Diane Bilke

Mary Ann Savage Bowman

Ed Scholten

Mike Shelton (and wife)

Bob Shepard (and wiife, Billie Lankford Shepard, CHS ’65)

Larry Shepard

Kathy Simmons Luppy

Patricia Simmons Allen wants to see:

Cathy Gifford, Ronnie Rowell, Denny Howard, Cherie Mosier, Mike Shelton,

Sylvia Starr Wilson and all my other friends I love.

Donna Skinner Bouder (and husband) wants to see:

Donna Owens, Sandra Singer, Erania Tecumseh, Cynthia Crockett, Patricia Hix, RoiLynn Russell, Susie Porter, Beverly Melton.

Jane Sloan

Jerry Shonkwiler (and wife) (Golf)

Diana Smith Wigfield

Joe Smith (and wife)

Gordon Smith

Sylvia Starr Wilson

Charles (Chuck) Steil (and wife)

Bruce Stewart (and wife) wants to see:

Those that I remember? HA!

Glenn Strobel (and wife) wants to see:

Everyone I knew.

John Stroud

Carol Supernaw Bergman

Gina Tate Rhea

Marilyn Thomas Howard (and husband, Bob Howard CHS ’65) wants to see:

Marlena Fifer

Fran Toney Young wants to see:

Clement Hitchcock, Pat Orde, Randy Clement, Linda Bennett, Linda Taylor, Marilyn Thomas, Bruce Grant

Pat Tutty Lane (and husband) (Golf-2)

Deanna Twist McLaughlin wants to see:

Mrs. Morgan for sure, Of course, looking forwawrd to seeing everyone.

Gust Vanhove wants to see:

all of you and that I will recognize you. (50 years do something to our bodies.)

Trudy Vaughn

Stan Vestal (and wife) wants to see:

Bob Shephard

Bob Villareal

Cheryl Walker Newman (and husband, Mark Newman CHS ’65)

Louie Warren (and wife) wants to see:

Mark Reynolds, Martin Perryman, Mike Reynolds, Linda Fetter, Charley Shaffer, Phil Brandon

Kathy Westgate Keaton

Howard White

Bonnie Williams Dobbs wants to see:

Diana Smith Wigfield.

Richard Wilson

Cheryl Wise Denham

Nancy Wood McDowell

Marcia Young (and husband) wants to see:

the Red Feather Cabinet (Mary Carol Cohenour, Karrel Nelson, Pam Morrison, Linda Fetter, Linda Rogers, Nancy Tietgen).

Paid Registrations - September 28, 2015