Tulsa Central ’65

Comments-Judy Harbison Anderson

Poem-The Class of ’65

10th Reunion


    A carefree time when the biggest worry we had was getting to school with our homework and gym    

    bag....on time.

    A time of white socks and wheat jeans, short hair and long skirts, senior rings and going steady.

    A time of peace with no worry of death, taxes or responsibility.

    A time when the high point of the week was the Friday night date and the high point of the year

    was the Senior Prom.

    A time when football (and football players), cheerleaders, marching band, twirlers and Red

    Feathers received more of our attention than world events or politics.

    A time when Joe Smith and Marcia Young were our King and Queen and School Life told us all

    we needed to know.

    A time when the Beatles, elephant jokes, dammit dolls and James Bond were still new.

    A time the The TOM TOM told us about Connie Murray’s Lady Bird Johnson routine and the Boys’

    Food Class.

    The Great Spirit, ticket sales, clubs, homework, assemblies, sports, friends, green beans,

    Pennington’s, and all the rest are just memories now.

    Memories of the way we were.

    What we are today we owe, at least in part, to our experiences of 1965.

    As that school year ended, an era of innocence ended as we cut the ties with our parents and with

    some of our friends and started out on the journey through adulthood.

    Now, many of us are where our parents were twenty five years ago.

    In 1975, we take a nostalgic look back at a happy time in order to recapture a bit of that youth, that    

    innocence, that carefree feeling that brightened our lives.

    Because...that is the way we were.

    (From “10 Year Reunion Yearbook,” Judy Harbison Anderson, Editor)

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