Tulsa Central ’65

Comments-Joe Smith

We were youth with dreams, full of energy and drive

We were the Tulsa Central Class of ’65.

We set out to change the world by couples and singles

We had never even heard of low fat Pringles’.

We sharpened our skills in Red Feathers, choir, sports and drama

A lack of transportation to Pennington’s was considered real trauma.

Buzz haircuts, jeans, tight sweaters and bee hive hair

We thought ourselves rebels, yet a tattoo was cause to stare.

Life seemed simpler, despite riots and the Viet Nam draft

As graduation loomed we were pushed to choose a craft.

Some to war, some to colleges, some to work

Our phases still mark up – groovy, cool, stud and dork.

Time passed, we grew in age and some aren’t so thin

Balding heads, larger waists, thicker necks, a double chin.

A few made Tulsa home, some strayed to other places

It’s not so easy to recognize some “maturer” faces.

But as we gather, tell stories, laugh and share

We’ll find it easy to re-connect, re-bond and care.

We shared a special place, a unique time in history

That we relish our past is not a mystery.

While much has changed, we still feel quite alive

Despite our age we’re still the Central Class of ‘65

Poem-The Class of ’65

45th Reunion

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