Tulsa Central ’65

Comments-Connie and Marcia

From the Reunion Co-Chairs

    CHS Class of “65” dear friends.

    What an honor to be assisting our lovely Miss Central, Marcia Young with our fabulous 50th reunion on the fourth

weekend in September, 2015.        

    One of my biggest honors in life was to be elected 4th on the Royal Court where I could carry Marcia’s crown. In the spring of 1965 I got to carry Joe Smith’s King Daze crown. Two wonderful people who are role models nearly 50 years and beyond when it comes to integrity and honor.

    The last 50 years I have served in

ministry in the United Methodist Church.

It has been so fulfilling and I am still    

serving First United Methodist Church in

Tulsa. I have been on the Board of

Directors of the Miss Oklahoma Pageant

since 1972 and retired as the Chaplain

after 34 years in 2011. I have had 2

wonderful husbands. Steve Ichord (a

public school Principal) who died in 1991

and Daryl Hubbard, a (retired Air Force and Airline Pilot.)

    I look forward to seeing all of you at the big 50th. I am hosting a big CHS

assembly (50th reunion) at my church

where we just completed a stage with a red velvet curtain just like the one we had. Imagine that?

Guess what? I can still talk and look like

    Lady Bird Johnson. Hide and watch!!!  


    It is amazing how three short years can play such a significant role in life. It’s been almost 50 years but I still look back as if it were yesterday. I’m still amazed that I was honored to be Miss Central-who would have thought?

    After teaching for 28 years with Tulsa

Public Schools, 4 at Nathan Hale, 2 at

McLain and 22 at East Central, those

three years at Central are still the most

memorable. I’m now a grandmother. My

son, Andrew Carter and his wife have

two wonderful children, 2 and 4. They

live here in Tulsa so I’m called on often

to come and “play.” My daughter, Carrie

Carter Martinez and her husband now

live in Round Rock, Texas a lot closer

than Florida where they lived before. 

I’m happily married to Bob Tucker, also

a Central grad. We both are enjoying

retirement so much that it’s hard to

imagine how we had time to work. I still

like to sew and even got to teach it for

several years. Mrs. Ruth Hale would be


     Working with Connie and the Reunion Committee is really fun.

    Send us your ideas.

    We want this to be a wonderful time for everyone.







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