Tulsa Central ’65

2013 Christmas Party

What a great time at the party Friday night, December 13, 2013

A big thank you to Rick and Paula Moderow for inviting us into their lovely home.

Thanks to Connie and Sandy for organizing it and to Barry and Beverlie Bryant

for providing the ham.

Sandy took a new twist on the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange.

She gave us paper, pencil and


We each were asked to write something about ourselves that no one knew.

Here’s what we found out.

(The cheat sheet is at the bottom of this page.)

Cheat Sheet for Dirty Santa

1. Joan Strobel

2. John Lamberton

3. Bob Villareal

4. Janice McCormick Main

5. Donna Skinner Bauder

6. Marcia Young

7. Connie Murray Ichord

8. Hollis Burke

9. Eddie Main

10. Sheila Avilla Wickett

11. Pat Simmons Allen

12. Glenn Strobel

13. Linda Lichty

14. Rick Moderow

15. Rhonda Long Peynado

16. Leah Love Esau

17. Sandy Lownsbery Mortimer

18. Larry Shepard

19. Martha Phillips

    1.     I was in New York City during Hurricane Sandy.

    2.     I was the lead in the college (OSU) musical. We won First Place!

    3.     I’ve written 2 books.

    4.     I hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon by myself.

    5.    I played the accordion for 4 years and danced in ballet and did acrobatics for 2.

    6.     I have Harry Belafonte’s autograph.


    7.    As a sophomore at Oklahoma City University I talked a guy who had just been drafted for Viet Nam off

    the tallest building. Twenty years later Paul Harvey did a story on it.

    8. Once was credited in local newspapers as “performing” as a winch truck.

    9. Served as First Cook, 347th Replacement Battalion, US Army Reserves. My primary duty to make coffee.

    10. I knew just about every classmate by name.

    11. I had to have 27 stitches in my leg when I was in the 5th grade.

    12. I used to live 1 1/2  blocks from Rick and Paula.

    13. I worked for the Peace Corps in Washington DC in ‘67-’68.

    14. I attended the university of Kansas with Stan Vestal, Phil Harmon, Nancy Wood and Hugh Guinn.

    Hugh, Nancy and Stan all received a great education.

    15. I was awarded a full tuition scholarship to TU Nursing School and maintained a 4.0 GPA.

    16. I’ll soon be moving to Little Rock to be near my children and grandkids.

    17. I drove a golf cart for James McArthur (“Book’em Dano” Hawaii 50) at the Roy Clark golf tournament.

    18. I’m a disabled Viet Nam Vet.

    19. I was a blackjack dealer at Lake Tahoe.

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