Tulsa Central ’65

55th Reunion

September 25-27, 2020

Venue Suggestions

(more to come when suggested)


Gilcrease (Bob Howard) Here is the information on Gilcrease.  It looks a little higher than I expected.  Base on the rental information, the rental charge for the evening is $2000 and there is a minimum catering charge of $1000.  If we were to serve hors d'oeuvres for 125 guests (3 hor d'oeuvres per guest), the catering cost would be about $1700-2300  Beer and wine could be made available for purchase by guests at what looks like a reasonable cost.  

So it appears a first estimate of the cost would be:

$2000 (room) +$2300 (food)  + $500 (unforseen costs)= $4.800.

For 125 registrants, this is $38 per person.  If we had more people, the price per person would be a little less.

Gilcrease is taking reservations for 2020 and the room is available. This would be a nice evening, but the cost may be a little high.


OK Aquarium (Bob Howard) It occurred to me that the Shark Viewing Room at the Oklahoma Aquarium might be an interesting site also.  I checked and the room cost is $500 + $20 admission per guest.  For 125 people, this would be $3000.  We pick our own catering source. Interesting cost comparison to $2000 room cost at Gilcrease.


Tulsa Historical Society (Walter) Here is the basic event info for Tulsa Historical Society.

Travis Room cost is $1700 for 4pm-11pm. Add $100 per hour after 11pm. Maximum Capacity is 150 people seated at round tables. Obviously, it holds more if there are fewer or no tables.

If we served dinner, then we need to also rent the Hall of Fame for the buffet setup. It costs an additional $800.

Rental rates include tables & chairs. THS has enough round tables to accommodate 200 people but all will not fit into Travis room. However, some could be set up in Hall of Fame. And, if we wanted a dance floor area, then fewer tables fit into Travis room.

If we want the exhibit room open, add $100.

If we want food & drink service, then we contract separately with a caterer. THS will make recommendations, if desired.

If we decide this site is a contender, we need to decide what kind of event we want and then contact the event coordinator.


Oaks CC (Walter) My brother, class of '61, is attending his "We're 75" reunion this weekend. Celebrating the year most classmates have 75th birthday. It's the first reunion since their 50th.

He showed me his reunion packet. Prepared in mid-August, it lists 74 people registered, not including spouses.

There are two events both at Oaks C.C.

Friday evening is a one hour "program" followed by social with heavy hors d'oeuvres served.

Saturday evening is a repeat of the social.

Price for attending one or both evenings is $60 ($70 at door) per person.

Packet suggests going to see Gathering Place on Saturday afternoon.


Miscellaneous (Sandy Mortimer): Found all these party venues in and around Tulsa:

Meadow Lake Ranch Sand Springs 500

Post Oak Lodge Sand Springs 300

White House Mansion 300

Southern Hills Event Center 50

Studio 308 222

Rose Event Center 300

Rte 66 Event Center 300

VFW Post 577 Banquet Hall 418

IDL Ballroom 600

Gilcrease 250

American Legion post 1 317

The Broadway 225

Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame 500

Zoo 500


Dave and Busters 450

Caravan 200

Camp Loughridge300

Historical Sociey

The number after is the number of people it can hold.


German American Society


624 Catering and Kitchen (Bob Howard)- Venue and catering operated by the chef of Juniper, PRHYME, and Tavolo.   Seats 150.  Located in "historic building" at 624 S Boston.  Rental for 4 hours in the evening is $1500 and includes setup.  The appetizers look similar in price to other places, $2-3 per person, and the buffet meals around $30 per person.

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